Google Business View lets customers "See Inside"

Show your business inside and out to customers on the world's largest search engine with panoramic virtual tours shot by Jonathan Damon.


Basic Tour
  • 3 - 8 Panoramas
  • Small Retail or Restaurant
  • Select


Most Popular
  • 9 - 18 Panoramas
  • Medium Sized Business
  • Select


  • 19 - 30 Panoramas
  • Event Venues & Large Stores
  • Select


Customized Tour
  • Unlimited Panoramas
  • Any Size Business
  • Select

All plans include Panorama Stitching, Upload to Google, Creation of Virtual Tour Layout, Business POI Photography, and Original Images for marketing use.

The Google Business View Process

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Google Business View Trusted Photographer

Jonathan Damon

Google Trusted Independent Photographer


My websites are easy to read and navigate on different devices, using the same content for all.

Server-side scripting and database queries combined with client-side javascript and ajax allows me to create dynamic, functional sites with new features and services.

By integrating your site with the services you use, my sites can save you time and leverage your existing content on social networks through posts and social apis.



I take photos at events, parties, and sometimes just for fun. I enjoy shooting with DSLRs to take great photos from any distance and in low light situations.

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I've been working on shooting quality video using a glidecam and different lenses on DSLRs. I am improving my editing, titles, and audio.

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I create designs for print and web, including posters, direct mail postcards, tickets, coupons, billboards, web advertisements, and more.

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Plus++ is a blog with projects that I make or photograph. In 2012 I started taking photos and videos for fun, so this blog is full of photos and covers a mixture of my professional and hobby projects.

“Welcome to my neglected portfolio! I update it rarely because I'm busy making better sites for other people.”

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