A video for an outdoor restaurant and group function venue

This video required some serious glidecam work.  After a winter of trudging through the snow you’d think I’d be ready to hold a camera steady on the beach, but sand is one of the hardest surfaces to video on.  I made it work and got a couple great shots in this edit.

Outdoor Concert and Festival Video

Concerts and festivals make it easy for fans to hear the music in person, but they can be hard to capture on video.  Add to that a bright, sunny lawn and performers hidden under a dark tent, and you have some interesting conditions to shoot video!  These were my first concerts to film and they … Read more

A simple restaurant website

Restaurant websites are common, and commonly flawed.  The Oatmeal even made a comic about it! As he pointed out, they need to be simple and have the relevant information displayed as text rather than trapped in images or huge pdf files. You want to be able to see the menu items, get the phone number, address, … Read more

Web Marketing for a haunted attraction, and I am a clown

Witch’s Woods is a haunted attraction run by Nashoba Valley Ski Area. It features a haunted hayride, 3 haunted houses, and 2 display attractions that are casually haunted by additional actors. In designing the website for Witch’s Woods, I researched other haunted attractions.  I was surprised to find that many of the sites were built … Read more


Molly’s school got a grant to work in Alaska, and I flew out to travel around the state with her after her program ended. View entire album on flickr.

New Zealand Study Abroad and Travel 2002

In the summer before my junior year in college, I took off to start 10 months of travel in New Zealand. My course schedule was very short and only required 1 day of attendance each week for a computer programming lab. I invested in a car and surfboard during my first week, to maximize the … Read more

Flax Weaving

In New Zealand I took an adult-education course in flax basket weaving. I had huge fields of flax growing around my flat so I cut a bunch and made a lot of baskets. I gave most of them away to people along the trip but brought some home. View album on flickr.