Follow this Trend

Google Business View continues to grow, and the data from google trends shows that people are searching for it more than before.  This isn’t an indicator of how it is being used, or how customers react after engaging with a virtual tour.  It shows how many business owners and marketing managers are investigating google business … Read more

A simple restaurant website

Restaurant websites are common, and commonly flawed.  The Oatmeal even made a comic about it! As he pointed out, they need to be simple and have the relevant information displayed as text rather than trapped in images or huge pdf files. You want to be able to see the menu items, get the phone number, address, … Read more

Web Marketing for a haunted attraction, and I am a clown

Witch’s Woods is a haunted attraction run by Nashoba Valley Ski Area. It features a haunted hayride, 3 haunted houses, and 2 display attractions that are casually haunted by additional actors. In designing the website for Witch’s Woods, I researched other haunted attractions.  I was surprised to find that many of the sites were built … Read more