Snow Temperature Logger with Raspberry Pi

I do some work for ski areas, and one of them has a nordic center. The Nordorks really care about the snow temps, so I built a raspberry pi temperature logger using a waterproof temperature sensor. Skip to the example

Nordic Pi Documentation

The Nordic Pi is a raspberry pi, display, and temperature sensor. The goal of this project is to
collect snow temperature readings. They can be viewed online, and also displayed on a
monitor connected to the same raspberry pi device. Internet connectivity is required.

I went and coached another ski team

And it was pretty fun.

1960s Magneet Sprint, Dutch city bike converted to fixed gear

I bought this frame on Craigslist. I’ve been commuting on a Lemond but where I lock it up at work some kids mess with my integrated shifters and leave strain on the cable all day.  I wanted the dead simple setup and to just ride simply all summer as I become more addicted to biking.

The magneet is made of old heavy steel but compared to my Lemond, which I thought was forgiving, the Magneet is like a Cadillac. It’s like butter over all the bumps on my commute. It’s saved me a lot of attention to the road surface so I can enjoy the ride more.



Alaska Bus Guy – not a bus, definitely an Alaska Guy though

I’m not much of a writer. Sometimes I have something and I don’t know where to put it so it ends up here. I got a message asking me to review my experience with Alaska Bus Guy. My experience was funny so I’m sharing.

My 2-star Review of Alaska Bus Guy LLC

I will generously give the ABG 2 stars, because it was an interesting “Alaskan” experience for us and we have a story to tell, but it was a pretty rough ride, haha.

Alaska Bus Guy had a strong web presence, so in 2010 my wife contacted him and setup a ride from Denali to Anchorage. While we were waiting for ABG, we met another traveler also headed to Anchorage, and we hit it off talking. He was worried about his bus being so close to his plane flight that he thought he might miss it, so we told him our bus was a direct trip and he chose to ride with us instead. It’s a good think we didn’t meet any other new friends, because when ABG arrived late, he was driving a Saturn Vue. We all paid him cash and the 3 of us hopped in, completely filling the 3 passenger seats and having to hold our bags on our laps. About 10 minutes into the 2+ hour drive, just as our legs were falling asleep with our bags on them…we heard a loud bang and the car coasted to a stop. We were in the middle of the Alaskan wild and we had just suffered what our driver Ron told us was “a catastrophic engine failure”. (more…)

Follow this Trend

Google Business View continues to grow, and the data from google trends shows that people are searching for it more than before.  This isn’t an indicator of how it is being used, or how customers react after engaging with a virtual tour.  It shows how many business owners and marketing managers are investigating google business view.  2014 was a banner year for the program, with interest over 3 times the 2013 numbers.   As more businesses hear about Google Business View, you can expect to see more certified photographers like myself in Massachusetts, and a lot more tours of local businesses popping up.  When will you decide to join this trend and show off your business interior?

Check out the search volumes in this Google Trends embed.

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Google Business View is so hot right now

Good thing I like it hot!


Get your business interior uploaded to Google Maps, get started today!

How has Jonathan Damon earned the seven stars of spiciness? The same way he got 2 thumbs up: He just did it!  The internet is a fast moving, evolving place.  The best way to move ahead of your competition is to keep trying new strategies and never stop.  Jon has noticed that Google Business View virtual tours help businesses overcome a lack of reviews, so it’s an especially good choice for new businesses.

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