Jonathan Damon is a web developer providing quality web services including web design, development, improvement, css design, operations software, e-commerce, email marketing, website hosting, email hosting, ajax, apis, and much more.
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Trinity College, Hartford, CT
Related course work: data structures, databases, abstraction, analysis, software engineering, machine organization and bioinformatics.


Director of Internet Marketing, Nashoba Valley Ski Area (Dec ’08 – Present)

  • Installed and customized multiple company websites with a focus on integrated e-commerce, SEO, on-site search, easy navigation, and ease of use for a less-technical user base. Installations of Magento, WordPress, LimeSurvey, HelpDesk, and several custom web-based tools custom built from scratch. Custom work and modifications involved additional MySql tables, Php, javascript, html, css, and xml.
  • Installed and configured SEO tools to assist in page analysis and creation to ensure ongoing compliance. Regularly checked indexing reports, identified issues and resolved them between indexes.
  • Designed and developed a custom Banquet Order Form web-based system for the restaurant management and group sales coordinators to collaborate on plans for upcoming events. Featured calendars, ajax warnings for scheduling conflicts, search with auto-complete, in-place editors, export to excel’s xls format, and dynamically generated pdf invoices for customers.
  • Designed and developed custom employee application systems, with custom fields and forced ssl. Backend system allows multiple managers to search and categorize potential employees.
  • Setup and ran email marketing campaigns, segmented lists and continued to build dynamic segments based on recipient open and click activity.
  • Setup and maintained a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Youtube, Tumblr, and several other social / sharing sites. Continued to update content and respond to comments regularly.
  • Reported on snow conditions, take approximated 40,000 pictures per year and post about 2,000. Take daily pictures and produce a daily snow report video. Create a video edit for each event, sometimes 2 or 3 edits depending on the amount of footage. Used several cameras but prefer to use my own Canon 60D with GlideCam Pro and Okii focus. Used the 60D for both stills and video.
  • Customized winter site with additional backend snow reporting tools to allow all changes to be made in one interface and reflected across all pages, feeds, and in our Facebook app that I also built.
  • Continue to analyze site performance through analytics tools and order reports, build custom reports and respond by improving and modifying site functionality.


SEO and Web Consultant, Stuart Steel Protection (May ’09 – June ‘09)

  • Re-designed client website based on existing marketing materials consistent with trade show designs. Reluctantly included old flash swf from owner’s son. Used a CMS to allow client to update all pages and products, built a RFQ system based on client requirements to allow potential customers to request quotes from the company.
  • Formatted website content and site structure for SEO. Built an SEO tool for client to check site SEO quality while making updates to ensure future pages would index and rank.

E-Commerce Administrator, Dover Saddlery, Inc (Oct ’07 – Nov ‘08)

  • Designed and built content management tools for use in the e-commerce department, giving other employees the ability to query existing products with similar attributes to help populate new products, and move data through the workflow smoothly.
  • Designed and built a feed management tool to generate and deliver data feeds to shopping comparison sites via FTP. Features GUIs for creation of new feeds with customizable formats, mapping colors to available swatch images, mapping products to categories, and product addition/removal from selected data feeds.
  • Segmented email mailing lists into groups based on RFM analysis or other criteria, and split segments to perform split tests. Analyzed delivery rates and sales generated by email campaigns.
  • Designed new pages on the company website, using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Used JavaScript libraries Scriptaculous and prototypeJS to develop AJAX features, web 2.0 effects. Used Google Maps API to add mapping and routing features to retail store pages.
  • Used a Mediawiki powered Wiki to track my work, and to help train summer interns. Created coding guidelines and site standards for use on the website. Included a “feature/bug request” link on all tools to help identify and fix problems early. Used PhpDoc to produce documentation.

Lead Developer, Sahana FOSS Disaster Management Volunteer Module (Jan ’06 – May ‘07)

  • Designed and developed a module for the Sahana framework, based on requirements from public service and relief aid organizations.
  • Attended Strong Angel III and worked with professional developers to standardize data for RSS feeds, allowing Sahana’s data to interface with other disaster management software.
  • Handled bugs and new feature requirements as my earlier software was being field tested.
  • Designed and developed administrative tools to allow non-programmers to modify the forms and data required from volunteers, which greatly reduced incoming feature requirements and streamlined the customization and deployment of the software in disaster areas.
  • Created extensive documentation for future developers in the project, including explanations of specific PHP, MySql, JavaScript, and Google Maps API code, as well as SDS and programming guides
  • Trained newcomer programmers helping them develop problem-solving skills. Posted FAQs to the project’s wiki.

Senior Project, CUPS: Comprehensive Undergraduate Point of Sale (Sept ’06 – May ‘07)

  • Designed and built a ‘point of sale’ system with college ID card reader and touch screen monitor.
  • Developed software intended for use at campus events, to monitor the guests’ arrivals and departures, and an optional beverage counter with blood-alcohol estimation.
  • Deployed two systems under normal use conditions for a month, providing the hosts of the events with live statistical data.
  • Upgraded the systems based on client input, adding analysis tools, and a feature that helps hosts develop their own incentive schemes.


  • Server-side scripting in PHP
  • Database Design and Queries in MySql
  • Web-Standards XHTML and HTML5
  • Javascript coding from scratch, or using Jquery, Prototype, Scriptaculous, MooTools.
  • Themes and Custom Functionality in WordPress, Magento, and other popular PHP based systems
  • Custom (from scratch) PHP web applications
  • AJAX, un-obstrusive js, SEO friendly and interactive web-apps and website
  • Facebook Apps, use of Facebook and Google APIs for social and mapping interaction
  • Email Marketing, Segmentation, Text Marketing, Mobile Sites, Analytics
  • Canon 60D Photography, DSLR Videography and editing, Design
  • Unicycling, fire-juggling, and many more… just ask!