1960s Magneet Sprint, Dutch city bike converted to fixed gear

I bought this frame on Craigslist. I’ve been commuting on a Lemond but where I lock it up at work some kids mess with my integrated shifters and leave strain on the cable all day.  I wanted the dead simple setup and to just ride simply all summer as I become more addicted to biking.

The magneet is made of old heavy steel but compared to my Lemond, which I thought was forgiving, the Magneet is like a Cadillac. It’s like butter over all the bumps on my commute. It’s saved me a lot of attention to the road surface so I can enjoy the ride more.


Please excuse the safety orange crankset, I chopped the handlebars and flipped them and did the wheels and cranks and chain and brake….all within 4 hours of picking it up from the guy on Craigslist.  Orange was the only 46t chainring crankset I could get immediately, did I mention I’m getting a little obsessed with biking?