Ski and Snow Videos at Nashoba Valley Ski Area

Have 3 hours to watch ski videos? I shot and edited all 80 of these ski videos at Nashoba Valley Ski Area, and appear in many of them. My obsession with filming smooth video while skiing has pushed my videos to try new shots, helping me to follow the action or create movement in still scenes.

Christmas clips for a holiday light show

This video was a challenge, combining dark night shooting with distant bright lights.   A fast lens made for big bokeh and I hope the 50’s vibe from the song will trigger some nostalgia for the grandparent’s that I envision buying tickets for this attraction.

A scary trailer for a haunted attraction

Witch’s Woods is a scary attraction so it needed a terrifying teaser video.  I brought in some extra light to see these attractions because even at f/1.4 and high iso it was so dark.  The 3D attraction with black lights had plenty of illumination on it’s own.

A video for an outdoor restaurant and group function venue

This video required some serious glidecam work.  After a winter of trudging through the snow you’d think I’d be ready to hold a camera steady on the beach, but sand is one of the hardest surfaces to video on.  I made it work and got a couple great shots in this edit.

Outdoor Concert and Festival Video

Concerts and festivals make it easy for fans to hear the music in person, but they can be hard to capture on video.  Add to that a bright, sunny lawn and performers hidden under a dark tent, and you have some interesting conditions to shoot video!  These were my first concerts to film and they were about 8 hours long each, so the real job was editing it down to a good length for a web video.